Programmation summary

The notion of work is a key contemporary issue, both artistically and socially. What value is granted to work? Which parameters are utilized to determine that value? What is considered valuable work? What criteria define artistic work?

The sixth edition of the BILP invites creators and observers to challenge the notion of work and to consider the value we ascribe to it.

The 2015 program is divided between two poles, North and South, which will present different ways to address the subject.

In the North, works are presented at the Saint-Raymond church, in the Thiboutot chapel and on the banks of Sainte-Anne river.  The forgotten know-how and the traditions we neglect serve as inspiration for the artists that give them new life in order to create new environments.

In the South, the works are  presented in Deschambault-Grondines at the Vieux presbytère and the Saint-Joseph church on the Cap Lauzon, and at the Moulin de La Chevrotière. The artists will present pieces that integrate implicit or explicit references to the time and the work invested to produce them.

A dance performance: Montreal choreographer Deborah Dunn was invited to conceive and present a performance. Her work Lin, also linked to the theme of work, poetically invokes the repetitive gestures associated with the traditional production and transformation of flax/linen.

Artist residencies will take place from June 8 to 20. Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss with creators, to see them in action and follow the evolution of their work until it’s final presentation, at the opening.